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Directions to and how to go to Omni Max Threatre.

The Omni-Theatre is Southeast Asia’s first 8K 3D digital dome theatre. Coupled with Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen (23m in diameter), it is an immersive edutainment destination like no other.

Unlike conventional theatres, the Omni-Theatre is equipped with a powerful digital planetarium system which allows visitors to peer into space at 8K resolution and travel through time at light speed! The 221-seat theatre offers a range of digital movies and live planetarium shows (conducted by science educators).

Embark on an experiential journey to remote locations on Earth and in space . . .

Directions to / How to go to Omni Max Threatre

Route Timeline

EW24 Green Line Jurong East MRT Station

OR NS1 Red Line Jurong East MRT Station

You should be able to find Exit A easily. Signs are everywhere in the station

You will see a traffic light at the end of the walkway. Cross the road.

Another sheltered walkway, J-Link

You may choose to walk outside as it is less crowded.

You should see a Zebra Crossing by now.

Cross the road.

You may choose to take either the Left or the Right Traffic Light.

Basically you have to reach to the diagonal opposite of the road.

You will see a busstop. Continue to go Straight.

You should see a sign indicating that Omni-Theatre is nearby.

Turn Left.

It's just right infront.

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