Top 10 Local Breakfast in Singapore that you should try

Singapore is not just rich in culture, heritage, and architectural beauty but even the lion state is well known for delicious food as well. Some travelers even call Singapore as the food heaven. Whereas, you will surely experience a food coma after exploring the food centers.

The aroma of the foods will grab all your attention even if you want to ignore them. Perhaps, if you are a foodie then you don’t have any reason to say NO. Here are Top 10 must eat local breakfast in Singapore to start your day!

Kaya Butter Toast with Egg

First on our list, we have the popular traditional breakfast, which can be found in most food centers and shopping malls. It is a perfect breakfast dish that goes well with either tea or coffee. Simple bread is toasted or grilled with butter and generous amount of kaya, spread over it.

Kaya is a jam that is made of coconut and eggs. It is a unique jam that can be found in any Singaporean grocery store. Some people even pair this breakfast snack with a half-boiled egg as well. Kaya is also listed as one of the must buy souvenirs from Singapore.

Roti Prata

It is an Indian cuisine snack or you have even heard it as South Indian flatbread. Perhaps, this crispy outside and soft inside bread are very common as a breakfast item in Singapore. The word Roti means bread and Prata means flat in Hindi.

Some of the locals believe that this dish has evolved from pancake recipe but the difference is the size. Roti Prata is served together with a plate of curry at the side. Some locals enjoy their Roti Prata with a little sugar to pair it. Roti Prata has evolved tremendously over the years to suit the local tastes. There are a wide variety of Roti Prata to choose from. For instance, Egg Prata, Bomb Prata, Cheese Prata, Tissue Prata.

Economical Fried Bee Hoon & Noodle

Next in our list is a Malaysian Chinese breakfast that is also pretty common in Singapore. It is a simple stir-fried noddle that is known by the name “Economic Fried Bee Hoon”. Rice noddle is just stir-fry with bean sprouts and soy sauce.

Just as the name suggests, this breakfast can be really cheap if you are not picky with the add-on dishes. But if you are feeling luxurious, you can add side dishes like, Chicken wing, Luncheon Meat, Fish Fillet, Sambal Beans, Sausages and many more. This local breakfast can be found easily in all hawker centers in Singapore and to name some, People’s Park Food Center, Cheng San Food Center, Chinatown Complex Food Center, and Maxwell Road Food Center.

Drizzle your Economical Fried Bee Hoon with sweet dark sauce and generous among of sambal chilli, and believe us, you will love it!

Mee Rebus

This is a highly popular Malay noodle dish popular in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is cooked with fresh yellow egg noodles and thick sweet curry-like gravy. The main ingredients that made up the gravy are, Shrimp Broth, Lemongrass, Galangal, Indonesia Bay Leaf, Shallots, Kaffir Lime Leaf and Indonesian dark palm sugar (Gula Jawa). It is simply delicious and many locals have it as their breakfast.

Although the dish originated from Indonesia, it has become a common stable in Singapore. Mee Rebus is averagely price between SGD3-4 in Singapore’s Hawker Center.

Porridge (Congee) With You Tiao (Chinese Fried Dough)

Congee, also known as the Chinese Rice Porridge is a simple breakfast dish popular among elderly in Singapore (Probably the texture is really soft and smooth, which makes swallowing easy). Some locals even consider it a blank canvas snack as they can add several ingredients to it such as century eggs, pork intestines, cuttlefish or chicken.

On the other hand, this porridge should be boiled thick and must have a luscious consistency as well. You can either have it alone or with fried dough flitters which are known as You Tiao. Places, where you can find this snack, are Chai Chee Pork Porridge, Zhen Zhen Porridge, Mui Kee Congee.

Chwee Kueh

This snack is a sweet-savory item that is commonly found in many food stalls. This dish is a steamed cake made of milled rice and water. Also, it is cooked in small aluminum molds until the rice aroma emerges.

The Chwee kueh has a pasty texture to it and all you need to do is just pip your spoon into it and relish the taste. It is commonly served with sweet radish which is known as chye poh and also generous among of chilli (By now you should know that Singaporeans love their chilli). The restaurant where you will find Chwee Kueh are Ghim Moh Chwee Kueh, Bedok Chwee Kuek, and Jian Bo Shui Kueh.

Nasi Lemak

Do not miss out this amazing dish, Nasi Lemak, while you are in Singapore. Nasi Lemak is a local Malay dish suitable for any time of the day. This native dish is popular in neighbouring countries with Malay populations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Southern Thailand and Brunei. The uniqueness of this dish is the richness of the rice, which is cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves.

Same as the Chinese Economical Fried Bee Hoon, Nasi Lemak can also be cheap depending on the side dishes you choose. You can choose from the usual Chicken Wing, Petai Beans, Fried Ikan Bilis (Fried Dried Anchovies) with roasted peanuts or premium Mutton Rendang, Sambal Sotong, Sambal Udang (Shrimp)

Kueh Chap 粿汁

If you are a little adventurous and in search of a classic dish then you should try the traditional Teochew dish “Kway Chap (or Kueh Chap)”. This dish is popular among the Chinese in Singapore usually as breakfast or supper. The word “Kway” means rice cake, which in this case, flat rice noodle. As for the word “Chap”, it means a random mixture, which in relations to the main dish, a mixture of pig innards, fried beancurd, fish cake and hard boiled eggs.

As this is a traditional Teochew breakfast dish and it is usually enjoyed by the older generation, not all food centers offer this dish. Do give it a try if you happen to see one and is adventurous enough. Ku284 Kway Chap, Double Spring Teochew Lor Duck Kway, Garden Street Kwap Chap and Guan Kee Kway Chap.

Chee Cheong Fun

It is also known as rice noodles and steamed rice noodles is a dish that has been originated from northern China and Hong Kong. It is one of the most popular breakfast items in Singapore.

This rice noodles roll is commonly filled with steamed beef, shrimp, vegetables and other ingredients. Basically, it is served with soya sauce and fried shallots.

Carrot Cake

The name of this snack might make you really confuse. Do not mistaken the American Carrot Cake that has cream cheese and cinnamon, with the Singaporea’s Carrot Cake. It is not anywhere close to it and amazingly, there’s no carrot used here as well but radish instead.

The main ingredients of this dish are rice flour and radish. This mixture is steamed and then stir-fried with garlic, eggs and preserved radish. There are 2 different variations of carrot cake in Singapore. The White Carrot Cake or the Black Carrot Cake, which is stir-fried with generous amount of dark sweet sauce.

Check out the famous Zion Food Center Carrot cake, which you have the option of having both White and Black Carrot Cake on a single plate.

These are the 10 Top Breakfast Dishes in Singapore that locals enjoy. Put it in your must-eat checklist now and try them all!

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