Top 10 Food Centers & Food Streets in Singapore

If you think that in order to taste the best local dishes in Singapore you will have to head to an expensive restaurant then, you are wrong.
There are myriad of food places and hawker centers all over Singapore that serves amazing local dishes. We have consolidated Top 10 food places and areas in Singapore that the locals frequent.

Top 10 Shopping Malls in Singapore that are worth the visit!

Shopping Malls are quite a common sight throughout the whole of Singapore. Residents get their daily necessities, medical and dental needs, furniture and appliances, to the extent, their laundry is done, at the malls. I’m sure you have heard of the main shopping district in Singapore, Orchard Road, where you can find all the luxurious and international brands. As a traveler, if you are a little more adventurous, maybe you might want to consider the suburban malls in Singapore. And who knows? You might find local hidden gems or pleasant surprises from your little adventure.